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Sohail Rana was the first familiar face on TV when I started watching television in Karachi . At the age of six or seven, in early seventies, he was the face I used to see in his program for children 'Kalion Key Mala'. I used to adore him and his co-host (I think Shahnaz Begum). I still remember some of those songs/compositions.

A trendsetter, who changed the music scene in Pakistan with his innovations. He was the first one to breakaway from the trends set by music composers of the subcontinent. There were composers who tried to mix western with eastern music but they landed on plagiarised compositions like 'Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi' which was copied from Mozart's symphony. For Sohail Rana combination of eastern with western was a different meaning. He conceived the compositions in true eastern spirit understanding and using Western instruments as a tool of innovation instead of copying Western compositions. That's the reason we see Sohail Rana's music is original modern and yet eastern in style.

Sohail Rana is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for our young generation and generations to come. Young ones should listen to his music more often... in 'time-space reality' and analyze how he developed upon his skills with instruments and compositions form early 60's to the present. Sohail Rana actually made efforts to educate and promote music unlike the big names in classical singing who sang/composed very well… and died without passing on the gift of nature to young ones.

I wonder if I would ever be able to meet him and tell him how inspiring his compositions are and that he was the one who gave me the knowledge to understand music.

I am really thankful to my friend Moosa Reza for creating a space to give tribute to one of the greatest music maestros of the Subcontinent.

Sohail Rana! You are loved by all of us.

Azher Malik

It was heartening to note that someone has made a website about a great Pakistani music composer. Many congratulations.


Ali Wahab

My name is Qamar and I am from Karachi. I really appreciate ur effort for bringing back GREAT COMPOSER SOHAIL RANA to Pakistan through ur website. I was searching for many of his greatest compositions which I got from u. Actually I got inspiration of learning music/guitar after listening to his instrumental hits like title music of BEESDIN. Also Moonlight in Sunderban and many other hits from all time favourite KHYBERMAIL. I wish to make a request if u can find me title music of Beesdin and all other instrumental hits.

Thanking u in advance,


I wanted to thank you for putting up such a wonderful site to pay tribute to Sohail Sahib.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards

Saeed Ahmed
Brampton, Ontario

I came across the sohail rana website you made...
it's awesome...
I came across all those songs which i used to listen when i was a child...
but there is one song which was not there....
it's "cha cha ne guria beghi"
Can you please get it from somewhere....??
I'll be greatful to you....
Thankyou very much...

S. S. Habib

Salam alaikum.

I was simply delighted to see the excellent web page on Sohail Rana that you have created. It brought back many happy memories. Congratulations and thanks. I've known Sohail from before 1960 and admired his music. On some occasions, my brother Akbar and I probably also accompanied his harmonium playing on our mouth organs.
In 1961, when I was the General Secretary of the Karachi University Students' Union, we recorded what was probably Sohail's first gramaphone record: The Karachi University Anthem.

With best wishes and aloha,

Saleem Ahmed

I have found this website very nice as it brought back some very good childhood memories. chidren section is superb. i wish you the best and congratulate you for a very fine job well done. keep it up!

I was looking for a song that was composed by Sohail Rana and was probabaly performed by Mona Sisters. this was after Sare Dost Hamare. Title of song was something like "Tu hei Des Mera, Tujh Se Naam Mera". this song was also sung during opening ceremony of SAAF Games of late eighties that were held in Islamabad. If you could inculde this song in the website, that would be very nice.
take care

Usman Zafar

Salam Bhai jaan
Aap ki sohail rana ji ki website to kamal hai reminds me all my old days
Is there anyway i can downlaod that songs

Akber Gillani

I am happy to note that you have mantained a very good site for Mr Sohail Rana. It is indeed a great work.

I have been the in-direct student of Sir Sohail Rana saheb since 1986. It was the time that my father was heading the Information & Culture section in the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing and Sir Sohail Rana visited Beijing and especially came to meet the students of Pakistan Embassy College Beijing. We had a nice afternoon together where the students presented him his songs.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to request the mailing address of Mr Sohail Rana.

I also request you to share me the places (shops) in Islamabad & Karachi where one can find the Video CDs and Audio CDs of Mr Sohail Rana's filmy, patriotic songs, children songs etc

I am grateful to you for your help and support.

Khiyaal rakhiyae gaa.


I am a fan of Janaab Sohail Rana, I am eager to find out that how is he and what is he is doing now a days.

Allah aap ko khush rakkhay. Ameen.

Karachi - Pakistan

I really liked your website which you have done in the honour of Sohail Rana Saheb. He is no doubt a great music director and a really nice person. He was actually the first music teacher for me, my two sisters and my brother as we used to come in his children's program sung sung chalain. Later on we took lessons from Nisar Bazmi Saheb for a year.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mona and am one of the Mona sisters, the band that Soahil uncle formed. I live in London with my husband Atif and my two daughters. Singing has always been my hobby and not the profession.

All these years in London I was looking for Sohail Uncle's Contact details and had no success. When I went to Canada in 2003 with my family I wanted to meet him and really looked for his email or phone no on the internet but couldn't find anything. Could you be kind enough to give me his email address or contact no if you have one.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Mona Atif