A) Full length feature films:
Mr. Sohail Rana scored music for 24 full length feature films. Some of the most popular ones have been:
1) Jab se dekha hai tumhe (by Waheed Murad)
2) Heera Pathhar (by Waheed Murad)
3) Ehsaan (by Waheed Murad)
4) Ishaara (by Waheed Murad)
5) Armaan (by Waheed Murad)
6) Do Raha (Produced by Mr. Sohail Rana and Pervez Malik)
7) Shehnai
8) Saughat
9) Baazi
10) Mere Humsafar
11) Qasam Uss waqt ki (A.J. Kardaar and Mr.Faiz Ahmed Faiz)
12) Dil Deke Dekho
13) Badal aur Bijli
14) Beyond the Last Mountain (Produced by Javed Jabbar)

B)  Documentaries:
Music for several documentaries for Department of Films and Publication as well as for individual producers such as Javed Jabbar, Mohsin Shirazee, A.K. Qaisar and Dr. Ijaz Mir.

C)  Association with EMI:
Produced several records and cassettes containing Geets, Ghazals, National Songs and Instrumentals, such as "Folk Tunes of Pakistan on Latin American Beat", "Shehbaz Qalandar" with Fore Thoughts and First long play and stereophonic album "Khyber Mail".
D)  PTV:
Children's programmes: From "Kaliyon Ki Maala" to "Sung sung chalain", 19 years of conduction and Co-production of children's programmes. Composed and wrote more than 2000 songs for children during 1968 to 1987.
Adult programmes: Naghma Zaar, Sur sangeet, Sur tarang introducing new talents such as Mehnaz, Waseem Baig, Mohammad Ali Shehki, etc.
Ptv National Orchestra: Worked as General Manager music and Ptv National Orchestra from 1974 to 1976.
E) National Songs: Composed and produced some very popular national songs such as:
1) Sohni Dharti
2) Jeevay Pakistan
3) Mein bhi Pakistan hoon
4) Aye Nigar-e-watan
5) Tera Pakistan hai
6) Zameen ki goad rung se umang se
7) Nayyar o taaban
8) Teri waadi waadi ghumon
9) Sohna des
10) Suraj karay salaam
11) Diyai jala aye rakhain
12) Jo naam wohi pehchan
13) Yeh pak sur zameen hai
14) Tu hai des mera
15) Mera dil hai Pakistan

F) Anthems:
1) Karachi University Anthem (1964-1965)
2) Islamic summit Anthem "Allah-o-Akbar"
     (Hum taba abad) sung by Mehdi Zaheer in (1974)
3) Allama Iqbal open university Anthem (1986)
4) South Asian Federation (SAF) Anthem (1989)
     Asia ke saat mulk saath saath"
G) Ballet and Folk dances: Worked as Resident Composer, PIA Arts Academy with Mr. Zia Mohiuddin as Director during 1972-74. During this period arranged folk dances of Pakistan and composed, arranged and conducted "Heer Ranjha Ballet" performing the world over with a team of more than 60 musicians, dancers, choreographers.
H) Mass Gymnastic displays: Composed, arranged and conducted music for mass gymnastic displays (MGD) in Islamabad during 1975-76 with 100 singers and 125 piece brass bands.

I) Association with SRC: Worked as Director SRC Board, Shalimar Recording Company, Islamabad from (1974-1990)

J) Director General Ministry of Culture: Worked as Director General National Orchestra and Choral Ensemble of Pakistan under the Ministry of Culture (1975-77), conducting music for two historic Mass Gymnastic Display's in Islamabad and one commandeered performance in 1976 at the Shish Mahal Lahore.

K) Yamaha music foundation: Produced 10 computerized cards with Yamaha for Yamaha's electronic organs:
1) Music of children's songs "Alif, Bay, Pay"
2) Music of national songs "Yeh des humara hai"

L) Association with PIA: As music advisor to PIA produced inflight music (4 Pakistani channels) for all the aircrafts of PIA from 1981 to 1990.

M) Army School of Music(Abbottabad):
Composed special ceremonial music such as: 
             1) Khush Aamdeed
             2) Alvida
             3) Tariq ki dua (Slow March)
             4) Ba-aman-e-khuda(passing out parade) and
5) Several Bugle Calls
Also composed and arranged 7 Regimental Tarana's for 7 regiments.
Prepared Syllabus for beginners and band masters.
Organized band competitions for about 10 years from 1980-90 in Lahore and Islamabad.

N) Music Conferences, Festivals and Cultural tours abroad:
1) Modal music conference in Turkey (1974) 
2) Ameer Khusro conference Islamabad(1975)
3) Jashn-e-Kabul (1977)
4) Visited Australia as cultural awardee(1978)
5) Universal children's day Jordan (1979)
6) Cultural tour with Ghulam Ali sahab and Moin Akhtar to U.A.E. in 1979.
7) Cultural tour with Mehdi Hassan sahab and Moin Akhtar to Austrailia and Fiji Islands in 1981.
8) Cultural tour to U.S.S.R. and Romania in (1983)
9) Music conference in China in (1985)
10) Turkish Radio Television(TRT) children's festival in Turkey in (1988-89-90).
11) Cultural troupe to Dubai in (1988).
12) Cultural troupe to Dubai and Abu-Dhabi in (1990).

O) Tours and Performances abroad: Culturally represented Pakistan as Head of the Cultural Delegation, toured and performed all over the world from Sydney Opera House, Austrailia to Olympia, Paris to Madison Square Garden, New York.

P) Independence Day functions(14th August):participated with children and musicians etc. on the independence day at the Presidencies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, each year from 1981 to 1990.

Q) South Asian Federation Games (SAF 1989): Composed and produced SAF Anthem as well as non-stop music and National and educational songs for a three hour performance during opening and closing ceremonies with a team of 100 singers, a 35 piece orchestra and 150 piece brass bands in October 1989 at Islamabad Sports Complex, Islamabad.

R) London Symphony Orchestra: Recorded my own music with London Symphony Orchestra, in London, in 1973.

S) Awards and Honors:
1) Nigar Award (1966)
2) Graduate Award (1966)
3) Two Gold Discs by EMI (1974-1976), securing 3 top positions in EMI's highest sale of records issued from 1954 to 1976.
4) Cultural Award Austrailia (1977). Visited for 1 ½ months, 5 provinces of Austrailia, as guest of Australian government.
5) Pride of Performance Govt of Pakistan(1981)
6) PTV Award 1982 and 1989.
7) Peace Messenger Award from United Nations (1987)
8) Lifetime Achievement Award by PTV in (2007)

U) Current pursuits and projects:
1) After emigrating to Canada Mr. Rana established a music academy under his name, teaching and grooming South Asians and foreigners our Eastern music (Vocal, Instrumental, Light, Folk and Classical).
2) Composed Raag Mala: Highlighting the evolution of Sur, Taal, Lai, Thaats featuring important Raagas and Raagnis.
3) Composed South Asian Anthem and performed in May'2006.
4) Composed and produced Pak-Canada friendship song performed in 1997 at a very special Pakistani exhibition in Toronto, Canada, celebrating 50 years of Pakistan.
5) Composed about 50 Ghazals that are now ready to be recorded.
6) Also composed about 15 Qawwalis (Sufiana Kalaam) ready to be recorded.
7) Anarkali Ballet: Almost nearing completion to be performed with a symphony orchestra and a Ballet company in Canada.

8) Multi-media Company: Mr. Rana is busy in setting up a multi-media / recording company to also work in liaison with other recording companies of North America and U.K.